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Hallo, we have tried to add custom css but its not working well, for instance it will change some paragraphs and some not.
So what we want to do is change paragraph styles, line height, font colour, Heading font spacing, we would also like to customise blockquote.

Blog section ( the heading style cannot be changed, also as you can see, we do not have next page or previous page options here, we set posts at 10 but it is only showing 6 and it ends there, though at the moment we have 9 posts in total.

Is it possible to have more control on the blog excerpts, we chose I think 300 but it is hanging, if there were dots or something, that would be good.

At the bottom of single posts eg here( ... red-lines/) "You may also like" section, the images are blurred.. please check that for us.

This we can do without but it would be great to have it. In your blog-grid, if you roll over the image the date comes up, we would like to use that style here ( we have 2 style options but that is not one of them and we like it a lot.

Here ( we are going with that look, but the middle row is so tiny we would very much like it to be almost the same as the other rows - featured image widths.

We do appreciate all the help we can get



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Re: Support

Postby pirateS » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:58 pm

Hi there,
We are sorry for replying late. Could you please give me your admin account? Because I checked on my site, and it's fine. Please create a private message if you are agrement (Hover on message icon under your avatar)

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