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ListGo & Pop Ups & more...

Postby sitioworld » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:33 pm Supported Until: Sat Nov 04 09:17:13 +1100 2017 | Expired

Hi Wiloke,

I have a 3 questions. Thanks forward...

I want add pop-ups for my e-mail marketing strategy to my web. Looking that you are adding many things
to List&Go, are you thinking add a own pop-up in List&Go?

If not, can you suggest a nice pop-up plugin for List&Go?

Do you remember Hermes template? Would be difficult add to List&Go the same utility Lat&Lon to posts?
I bought a Map Markers plugin on Leaflet, but the plugin and ListGo don't run well together.

Thanks for your time,
Miquel Pujol Garcia
Brand Manager sitio™

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Re: ListGo & Pop Ups & more...

Postby kandersen » Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:46 am Supported Until: Tue May 08 16:12:21 +1000 2018

Hi Miquel,

1 & 2
I've gone through several popup plugins with the same purpose. I ended up using mailchimp service, as they offer a popup, which is deployed adding a script to the head tag.

Currently using it on my site: wait 5 sec. and it should slide in from the left. There are several different templates that you can use, so doesn't have to look like mine. and can also appear on site in different ways.

Hope this is helpful.


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