Showing Prices of the Packages

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Showing Prices of the Packages

Postby fdaumas » Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:47 am Supported Until: Thu Nov 22 13:37:09 +1100 2018

Hi pirateS

Please, consider giving us the possibility to define the price of the package that will be shown on the Package Page.

Now, It is showing by default the real price of the package. I would like to specificy it by myself.

For example:

I have a annualy package that costs 99 per month. But I will charge it annualy giving the possibility to my customer to pay 12 x 99 with the credit card.

The problem is that the price that appears in the Package is the total price 1188 (99 x 12). It scares the customer!

See how Hostgator does. They show you the price of the month but if you contract for one year.

Best Regards

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