Feature Request: Listing Features and Listing Additional Details

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Feature Request: Listing Features and Listing Additional Details

Postby chrisball » Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:17 pm Supported Until: Wed Mar 21 12:14:32 +1100 2018

Hey Guys

You theme is awesome and I'm the new features are cool.

Can I request some fundamental structural updates to enhance search and listing information which should also help with SEO etc.

To add Listing Features and Additional Listing Details as data field options so that we can create and assign these to listing categories.

This creates more standardisation and would improve the Add Listing Experience for Novice users of our directories.

I've grab some examples for you below to illustrate

How the Features are Added and Connected to the Listing Category
https://docs.listingprowp.com/knowledge ... -features/

How to add Additional Details and Assign to Categories
https://docs.listingprowp.com/knowledge ... l-details/

What the Add Listing page could look like with dynamic updating Features List and Additional Details Option based on Listing Category

What the listing could look like with Features Information Placement and Additional details Placement
https://www.dropbox.com/s/aghbxfoihswn1 ... 3.png?dl=0

Many thanks


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