How to REWRITE the default text?

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How to REWRITE the default text?

Postby pirateS » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:06 am

Dear folks,
If you want to translate the default text to your language, We recommend using Loco translate, but If you want to REWRITE the default text, thank @ Premchand was found a great plugin:

1) Install and activate "Say What" plugin
2) wp-admin => Tools => Text Changes
3) => Original string - "Sorry --- We couldn't find what you are looking for. You should try: Searching a different area, A more general search (Paris, Shopping, etc), Checking your spelling."
=> Text Domain - "listgo"
=> Text context - <leave this blank>
=> Replacement string - "Your desired message" - example: "Currently, there are no listings on this page, please check back later."

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