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URGENT Testimonials page

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:55 am
by MFG-Creative

I am having issues with the Testimonials section in services? They are coming up weird all the way to the left of the preview not as a nice scroll bar.

Help please? Can you login and fix this ASAP please?

Also other issues I am having;
Home page/Portfolio page: when on this page if you select the categories how can I make it that the images pop up for each? Example when you select logos all the logo jobs show up?
Can I also hide the list of categories so they only come up when you scroll over the black box with lines?

Contact page: the form has disappeared and I don't know why. The direct contact form should be emailing to me but I did a test and it didn't work -

Thank you - I need to get my sit up and running ASAP but I need the above things fixed before I can make it live? :(
Megs FG