why are my category links not working?

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why are my category links not working?

Postby ianandmar » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:48 pm Supported Until: Tue Apr 03 16:43:33 +1000 2018


In the Home Page, for the links such as Home, Contact Us, etc, to work, should they be a 'PAGE'?
I've put in PAGES and CATEGORIES in the Primary Menu but only the PAGES seem to work.

Are Categories never going to work? For example, I did a BLOG PAGE and a BLOG CATEGORY to try.
Only the link of the BLOG PAGE worked. The BLOG CATEGORY link redirects back to the home page.
I would like to know if my account has an error or it's really not going to work?

please see my website: www.ianandmar.com

from the Menu above, the first BLOG link is a PAGE, while the second BLOG link is a Category.
Please try to click on both to see what I mean.

Thank you!


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Re: why are my category links not working?

Postby pirateS » Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:17 am

I tried to click on Thailand Category and it's working http://ianandmar.com/destinations/asia/thailand/


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